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All of our CDL practice tests and materials are valid for all 50 states. Enjoy more than 1,000 CDL questions pulled directly out of our massive database along with visual reference to help you prepare faster and easier for your CDL test. Track your progress with instant test scoring and detailed reports sent directly to your email inbox! Learn at your own pace on your own time from anywhere!
Welcome to CDL-Testing.com! Since 2006, we have been the leaders in online CDL testing. Fact is, more CDL license holders have used CDL-Testing.com to study for their license than any other CDL test website. Our online CDL testing delivers the interactive tools you need to 'Study faster and easier!'

All of our CDL practice tests are created by online CDL advisors and are updated daily. Whether you need to practice for the permit exam, CDL pre trip inspection or just want a quick refresher course, we can help!
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Browse our Premium CDL Tests where you'll find a wide selection of practice tests for new drivers, including courses for the school bus (class B CDL) and CDL endorsements like HazMat (Hazardous Materials).
New to the trucking industry? Learn all about the CDL license and the CDL requirements for state-specific information on CDL testing fees, CDL facility locations, hours of operation and more.